I’m a Slacker

PFA interest letter

I have meant to post several times since my last entry.  It’s been months.  I am a slacker.  I need to change that.

In the past few months, I’ve spent more time on Twitter than I have on Facebook.  I’m learning so much more about the profession – not the narrow view that JCPS wants you to follow on their dreaded curriculum map.  I fail to see the need to teach many of the learning cues that someone deemed necessary without taking into effect the alarming numbers of obese children (a number which continues to go up) that don’t have a bit of interest in team sports and get turned off at the mention of sport specific skills week after week.  I’ve argued my stance that there needs to be more of an emphasis in lifetime fitness and FUN in learning – Kwame Brown is on to something – follow him on Twitter if you don’t.

My goals as a teacher have evolved so much in my tmie on the Twitterverse.  I’ve read so many interesting articles from around the world and found a group of like minded individuals in #PEGEEKS.  I feel closer to them than many of the physical education teachers in this town.  I feel more a part of their teaching than I do in the recent PD in my own town.

I just finished my letter of interest to Project Fit America, hoping to venture into a partnership with Norton Healthcare and PFA to become a roll model to other schools and teachers in Louisville and across the state of Kentucky.  I will attach a link to see my work.  It would mean a considerable amount of equipment and opportunities for the kiddos at Greenwood Elementary.  The climbing wall will be assembled over the summer break (it woudl be great if I could find a place to store the chairs) and I’m keeping it a secret from the students to give them a shock when they come back.

I plan on blogging at least once or twice a week.  I’ll be much more specific from this post on I promise.  There need to be several posts on the amazing job our Cross Country team did in it’s first year, the wonderful job our principal, Dylan Owens, has done since he came six weeks into the year, and how the parenting of an autistic child is never boring.  There are others as well I’m sure.

Peace out Peeps!


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