What a difference!

We at the Greenwood were very leery about choosing a new principal for our school.  Most students, teachers and parents would say that the outgoing principal was not a good fit.  A person who was more in tune with the community and socioeconomic status of the “South” end of town really meant. 

In Dylan Owens, we hit a home run.  His motto is THE GATORS ARE RISING!  It’s created quite an air of enthusiasm and work ethic.  People want to come to work.   Th kids are starting to show some respect for the staff.  We ARE rising from what we were just a few weeks ago.  Not too long ago, we were the school everyone in the area wanted their kids to attend.  I have a feeling that this reputation will be ours in the not so distant future. 

Check us out on our FB page – greenwood elementary school (page not place).  You’ll be seeing constant proof that we are back where we belong!


Thank goodness for parent help!

First cross country practice went off well.  We have such a great group of parents and guardians at Greenwood!  I can tell this year is going to be great.  I hope they will allow me to learn on the fly as I have zero experience at this!  We also have some awesome staff members who turned out to help!  I am so blessed to have such a great group of friends and family around to support my endeavors!

As for the car rider line…  That is another matter.  Please tell me how to get more organized and efficient and I will do it.  All recommendations welcome!

Cross Country Info Meeting

The Cross Country Meetings went amazingly well!  We had 64 students show interest!  I’m so pumped!  2nd-5th grades were all well represented and I had some students show up that really made my day.  Didn’t think they would give it a try.  So hoping that this program makes a difference in the health of not only these students but in their families as well.

We will begin practices on Monday.  Students must have a completed sports physical first, but I hope to have at least a few in by then.  I have also had several parents and staff offer to “scholarship” a few of our needy students.  I love my Greenwood family!

William is so excited to be an athlete!  I hope this is something that fosters a good work ethic in him and others.  I also hope that he does well and can build his self esteem.  There are lots of students that I have the same goal for.

And now I return to the beast that is afternoon dismissal.  I promise by next Wednesday (one week in) we will have it down!

Back to School

So finally JCPS will be back to school. I look forward to finally getting the year under way and am selfishly happy that we didn’t have to go a full week the first week in. I think it’s easier on the small kids. From the itinerant teacher standpoint, we have a few classes ahead of others, but it’s not too big of a deal.

On another front, I’m frustrated that I can’t keep my FB page as I saw it as a way to reach a great number of people and help shape a healthier community. Still looking for another venue. This could be it…


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