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ECET2 Conference 1/25 at Red Mile

ECET2My friend Taylor Haydock and I have been invited to attend the Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching event next weekend at the Red Mile.  It is sponsored through the Fund for Transforming Education in Kentucky and through the Gates Foundation.  I’m very honored and excited to be one of the 12 educators from the field selected.  Special thanks to Jamie Sparks of the KY SHAPE networkfor the nomination.  My hope is to continue to network with other physical and health educators from around the state to further enhance my instruction, and to learn new and innovative technologies (including a better understanding of Google Apps) to help integrate technology into my instruction.  I’ll be sharing my experiences as soon as possible!  Now, to try and figure out what to wear…


Coordinated School Health Summit 12/5

This was such an amazing event for the state of Kentucky and the future of our children.  The newly formed KYSHAPE network put on an amazing event in Louisville on Dec 5th, and I was so honored to be able to attend and speak about health education as it relates to Coordinated School Health.  It’s about time that everyone else knows how important Bonnie Ciarroccki’s Health Promotion Schools of Excellence program is – it’s been centered around CSH from the start over 20 years ago.    Jamie, Todd, Stephanie and Vicki did a wonderful job of spreading the word about how important each of the 8 areas of the CSH format are.  Each county from the state sent a team to implement the ideas they learned there.   My Aunt, Connie Meek, was amongst the attendees from my home county, Johnson.  Being able to speak with her in attendance made the event special, and having my son (along with nine other of my Greenwood students) perform GoNoodle activities for the crowd meant that three generations of my family were able to be present at the event.  It was a perfect day (minus the fender bender after), and I hope it lays the groundwork for Kentucky to be a leader in the Coordinated School Health movement!Image


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